Welcome to For Ever Young

The ‘For Ever Young’ exercise-program was carefully selected from basic elements out of Yoga, Qi Gong and generally approved exercises out of physical workout by famous therapists.

Own experiences of daily practicing in more than 30 years brought me to the result of this well balanced and unique exercise-program.

There is no limit of age! You don’t need much time to practice for a minimum of 10 -20 minutes, but you have to repeat it every day and it should become a part of your morning routine and your life will change step by step.

Myself, I started to practice more than 30 years ago and also taught it to my daughter, who has become a professional singer and actress. We share the benefit of good health, also in combination with the right nutrition and a right and balanced way through our days.

You can practice wherever you are. Use a Yoga-matt and a towel and feel comfortable to do the exercises in the way, you are able to do, also in the individual variations you are able to do. There is no competition!

Uncomplicated and most effective with the ‘For Ever Young’ – program to a healthier life and young and flexibility for the rest of your life.

Became curious? Watch the full length video in our Gallery